First Steps Before Starting a Website

If you decided that you want to appear on the internet and have a website, first you have to think over a few basic things.

What would you like to advertise or sell online?

This is very important, because you have to choose the domain name and hosting to be able to provide all the necessary needs.

If you have a company and just want to have an “online business card” with some references, it is enough a small, 50-100mb hosting space and the domain name can be your company’s name. It’s just perfect for a small company where you advertise your services.

If you would like a dynamic, commercial website, which can use the Internet’s wide range of possibilities, you have to carefully choose the domain name and your web-hosting also be able to meet the demands.

When you decide on the domain name, try to choose one which contains a strong keyword for your site. It doesn’t matter for the search engines if the site finishes to “.com” or “”, but because the public got used to the country codes on the internet, it’s preferable to have the “”. You can buy the domain name in the UK online, in a few minutes, usually you can start using it in 24hours.
The hosting, as I mentioned before, has to be able to run the dynamic content. If the website has about 30 pages and every page contains at least 1 image, perhaps some downloadable content, the space it requires could be large. So before you buy anything you have to count an approximate size for you final site.

One more very important thing before you decide, is the PHP usage and MySQL database. This is the basic of the CMS (Content Management System) systems.

With webshops, advertising portals, dynamic sites or any combination of these, you have to have your strategy and decide way before starting building the site. To transfer it later to a new hosting, just because something is missing or not supported could be very problematic and time consuming.

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