4 Ways to Increase Sales in Your Webshop

The goal of every webshop is to sell products to its visitors. The more, the better. Obviously. Most webshops have a conversion rate around 2-5 per cent which means that out of 100 visitors 2 to 5 of them will make a purchase.

If you want to increase sales in your webshop you can either attract more visitors or improve your webshop to convert more visitors into customers. Chances are you’re probably already spending quite a lot of money on online marketing and the outcome probably is reasonable, I hope. But why not have a look at how you can convert more of your existing visitors to customers for free?

There’s a term in online business called shopping cart abandonment, which is when visitors leaves your website in the midst of a purchase. This group of visitors are the ones closest to making a purchase in your webshop. They’ve found the product they searched for, clicked the buy button and then they leave your website… the question is why?

Here’s why customers abandon their shopping carts in your webshop

A survey done by emarketer.com during the current financial crisis reveals the top five reasons leading to shopping cart abandonment:

  1. Shipping charges too high – 43%
  2. Total cost of purchase higher than anticipated – 36%
  3. Wanted to comparison shop at other websites before making the purchase – 27%
  4. Could not contact customer support to answer questions – 16%
  5. Forgot usernames and passwords for store accounts created with merchants – 14%


What is particular striking about the survey results is that four of the five reasons are very easy to address. As a matter of fact only price comparison is hard to avoid online. So here is four easy ways to deal with shopping cart abandonment:

  1. Rethink your shipping charges and other delivery costs. Are they fair to the customer. What if you include shipping in your prices with a promise of free shipping? Be creative. And don’t attempt to make money on shipping.
  2. Be real clear about prices. Show the order total as early as possible and do not add extra handling fees on the last page of the checkout. You shouldn’t even have a handling fee.
  3. Make it really easy to contact customer support. Visible phone number and e-mail on all pages.
  4. Don’t force your customers to create accounts to make a purchase. Ask them after the purchase or create an account for them automatically.

It is estimated in the article that around 2/3 of all visitors add items to the shopping cart without finishing the purchase. It is obviously not pennies we are talking about here, so what are you waiting for?

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